Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 6... still been a mug

Friday usually doesnt throw up much football oppurtunities so I got involved in some games with very little knowledge. I had under 2.5 in the Anderlecht game andw was caught by a goal, so I levragred and got back to even. Decided to get involed again , but for some reason I also decided to back under 3.5, had green on both of them but I got too greedy and waited... ping, 2-0. So I had another tense wait, I managed to exit my 2.5 for a loss but I waited on my 3.5, despite my red reducing about A few minutes later... ping.

Once again im failing to accept losses, im not sure why I have such a problem with loses even when there very small, if I dont sort it out I will fail, hopefully these lessons can help my look at things in the long term.

After been annoyed with myself I decided to be a mug, going all in on under 3.5 in the Wolfsburg game at 1-0 with about 25 minutes to go, I layed with around 10 minutes to go as my loss had been succesfully chased, but betting in the fashion will leave me wiped out in the long term, hopefully this will be the last time I lose my discipline.

Trading is certainly difficult but I belive this learnign curve is sending me in the right direction.


  1. Hi Lucky,

    Well done to be able to acknowledge your errors, please now do not repeat it as I have done so many times.I also cant accept losses but have otherwise.......writing a blog helps me for sure hope it will help you too.

    Good luck

  2. Hi LIP just getting into the swing of Cheltenham and just wondering whether you want to exchange links with our Cheltenham blog

    Let me know and I can get your link up asap!