Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 4 , internet meltdown...

Today I was unfortunate enough to have my interent go down about 30 minutes before the days English games, so quite a few oppurtunities missed... however it may of turned out to be a blessing as I had backed under 2.5 in the Arsenal game just my internet crashed, and been that I didnt have Betfairs phone number close by I decided to let the bet ride. Final result 0-0, couldnt of went any better.

So far working with a lower bank and stakes of around 5-10% of has given me consistency, im not backing at stakes of 100-200 and experieincing the highs of green up for high amounts, but at the same time im not experieicng the lowes of blowing 30% of my bank and a bet, and then blowing the rest of it trying to chase. I feel much happier bringing in consistent results so hopefully things will continue the way they have begun.


  1. well done buddy, keep it green :)
    so true about playing with 30% and when the occasional loss occur then chasing and losing everything.
    Keep it steady and good luck

  2. Hello,

    A nice start to your endeavour!
    I'll follow with interest.
    Good luck.


  3. Hi Kokkoo

    Good progree on you blog keep it up :)

    Thank you Jay i will add your blog to my blog list.